Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - I'll Take Renewed Hope for 500 Alex

So here we are, just where we thought we'd be...right? One-half game out of first place in the SEC East. Does this roller coaster 2010 ride have another radical dip before we reach the pimply kids in the matching theme park suits at the end of the track? 

From ESPNs Chris Low:
After Georgia beat up on Tennessee and Vanderbilt the way the Bulldogs did, it was only natural to say, “It was just Tennessee and Vanderbilt.” But the Bulldogs went on the road Saturday and won comfortably over a Kentucky team that had just beaten South Carolina the week before. That’s three wins in a row now for Mark Richt’s club, and there’s no question the Bulldogs are playing their best football of the season. Richt deserves a ton of credit for keeping this team together during the four-game losing streak. The Bulldogs made some adjustments, tweaked their personnel and got their best player (A.J. Green) back. Now, they’re right there in the middle of the East race again. The complexion of their season could change entirely next weekend in Jacksonville if they can beat Florida. The Bulldogs have scored 40 or more points in their last three games. They’re running the ball better. Their offensive line is playing now like everyone expected when the season began, and this is a team that has a chance to make something of a season that looked like it was in the tank to start this month.
I'm sorry, you were looking
for "What is an afro?"
On the flight back from Boulder I remember clinging to the hope that maybe we could go from last this year to first next season. Could it possibly happen in the same  season? Surely not. Surely the lowlier reptiles will rain on this parade that's been building. Surely Cam Newton will have traded in his former mugshot pose for a Heisman one by the time we reach the Plains. The lamecocks can't be that lame can they?

Of course the real luxury is just being back in the running for a bowl. After enduring a 4 game period of pissiness, I'm just thrilled we made it to Final Jeopardy without a negative balance. We're a longshot, but at least we have an investment in the final month of the season. At least these kids still have much to play for.

So wipe that smug smile of that Canadian mug of yours Trebek. We're all in and got our answers in the form of questions.

Today's Ingredients
This is Floridian sign language for "My shorts are
too long, do you have any scissors?"
  • Over at Dawg Food, Danny recaps the night in Lexington. And Kit  weighs in with some pros and cons as well.
  • Randy looks at some of the heroes from Saturday night.
  • Dawgola runs down the SEC East race and scenarios.
  • 15 turnovers for 52 points on the season. A year ago I couldn't even see this tunnel, much less the light at the end of it.
  • On the other hand, Quinton points out that we're a ways away from using the term Third and Grantham in a positive way.
  • vineyarddawg puts us all on notice, IT'S HATE WEEK!!!
  • Streit looks at the Mississippi State Factor in terms of the Georgia-Florida game's recent history. 
  • Weiszer points out that floriDuh is attempting to rebound this week and that history is on their side.
  • Estes writes that Slurban has used the bye week to determine the way to improve is through scheme and personnel. And I thought it was just better text proofing by grad assistants...
  • Bradley looks like he's officially off the Gator Bandwagon.
  • Looks like trouble continues to find Quincy's doorstep.
  • Spencer Hall takes a honest and rather humorous look at Gene Chizik's rise to SEC stardom.
  • Lastly, I must've missed a dawg blogging memo. Exile's gone cruisin' and Mackie's in Aruba. More importantly, how does this gig pay so much more for them?

But don't worry Dawg fans. I'm here this week. For this begins a week of memories in Jax, some good...many bad. Like this one...

I hate Florida. I loathe them in the manner in which I loathe communism, pedophiles and warm beer. The world would be a better place without them. I just don't understand what's taking the rest of the Earth's denizens so long to catch up to our way of thinking.

But let's not let all that get our week off to a poor start. It's gonna be a good one. Let's make the most of it. Let's do the world a favor and smack a gator 'cross the head.

But first, you better eat something. So grab that fork Reader, before a gayturd calls a TO. 


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