Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Even More Red & Black Douchebaggery

Fact: Caleb King was cleared of any wrong doing by UGA and the NCAA in terms of a loan he received from a friend.

You won't see that on many big Dawg beat pages today because it truly has always been a non-story. A non-story for everyone except the campus newspaper's Zach Dillard. He's the only one who should spend some print on it, because he's the one who's been beating the drum on this "story".

In fact, UGA Greg McGarity cleared Caleb before he even sat out the first game for his suspension related to the failure to appear. Yet Dillard has seen a chance to to kick dirt on a fellow student and just couldn't resist.

Fact: Dillard writes today that King has been cleared. BUT passes on the chance for contrition.

I didn't major in journalism, but it doesn't take a Peabody to realize that Dillard's use of quotations around the word friend is classless and not at all good practice.

I hope your investigative journalism got you a free beer among your buddies Mr. Dillard. Because the truth is it should get you kicked out of 540 Baxter Street.

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Cleve said...

My question is why would he write something about this? I read the Athens paper and listened to the radio every day and never heard anyone ever say anything about this particular incident. Why would you try to mess up your schools football team even more? That reflects really poorly on him and the entire newspaper.

Anonymous said...

What a douche! For anyone who wants to exchange pleasantries with Zach Dillard regarding his shady journalism antics, here is his email: (

Twitter: Zach_Dillard

Paul said...

Unfortunately, in what passes for writing these days (journalism is truly dead), no one is interested in truth, integrity or ethics. All anyone wants is eyeballs and buzz. What you write is immaterial as long as it generates eyeballs and buzz. Sad truth is if you follow Zach on Twitter, email him or mention him here (as we are) he's getting exactly what he hoped for. Truly, the worst thing we can do is simply not talk about him. Any comment, negative or otherwise, serves his purposes.