Friday, October 8, 2010

No Bandwagon, No Orange Skirt...Just Glory, Glory

State of the Dawg Nation

So here we are...One win. Four losses. I usually save this annual post for Clean ol' Fashioned Hate Week. But given the sad state of affairs in and around the football program...what time better than the present. I'm pissed, I gotta let it out. Doctor's orders.

It's Gone...might as well get after it Coach.
The losses to Carolina and Arkansas were like punches to the gut. The ones to MSU and Colorado were like swift kicks in the prolate spheroids. Painful. Brutal. No one's happy. Not one Dawg is satisfied with the fixins in their bowl.

For you Coach Richt, the Glory, Glory is gone. Like a freight train. Somewhere between 2005 and Boulder she packed her crap and left town. The decline was gradual, yet noticeable. And although pink slips have been issued, adjustments made within your staff...this season we've taken on the role of pushovers. In the trenches we've been pushed around by the good (SC, Ark), the bad (MSU) and the ugly (CU).

I think I speak for most of my brethren when I say that we don't have the luxury of waiting for more pink slips. I'm not yet ready for the Holiday Season. I am ready however, for football. Real football. The kind of inspired play that leaves fans breathless and desperate for more. Not downtrodden and desperate to go home.

If things have been ugly around town the last couple weeks, a fourth loss in five years to the toothless wonders will send everyone into a tailspin we may not come out of until the calendar turns. I implore you, fix what needs fixin' and kick what needs kickin'. That '59 Cadillac ain't never coming back, but that doesn't mean we have to sell the junkyard.

For the fans, it's time to make a decision. And it boils down to these three options:
  1. Wear your colors proudly Saturday
  2. Wear orange and wait for the bandwagon to pick your sorry ass up again
  3. HillBilly Adam & Eve
  4. or sit at home and wear whatever the hell you want to
Personally, I don't give a damn which you decide to do. I just don't want bellyachers sitting around me while I scream at HillBillys and wait for AJs next highlight. I get sick to my stomach at the sight of urranjah overalls, so having to deal with Dawg fans willing to accept them as comfortable fashion statements is enough to ruin my weekend. Just find another box of Kleenex and pretend you remember way back to 1979...or 1990. Hell, go ahead and sing ol' Rocky Flop til your cold heart's content. Just be sure your dental plan is paid up in full before you start drinking out of lil Dooley's kool-aid sippie.

These are hard times, not meant for the feint of heart or the wannabe purebreds. The fact is we've all become spoiled. And whether you like to admit it or not, Coach Richt has been holding a silver spoon for your lazy mouth. Sure, he's let it get tarnished. Hell, Coach Fabris tried to gouge our eyes out with it while CMR casually turned the other direction. But for some of you eating out of the Mark Richt Era is all you've ever known as a Georgia fan. For the rest of us, the last four games have brought back painful memories.

Been there. Done that. Got the GOFFENSE t-shirt to prove it.

Either way, we all need to get over it. We ARE Georgia. Early October is no time for December's decisions. You think Demarcus Dobbs has the time or luxury to care about such things? No, he and the other seniors are playing for now. Does Keem Dent whine and moan about what needs to happen next year? Go ahead, ask him. Just make sure you ask to borrow his helmet first.

This! This is what I'm talking about.
And while you're wearing that helmet, stop...pause...focus. Think about the difference between you and guys like Shaun Chapas. He wears it with pride. I saw him flip a ragin' buffalo over his head Saturday night to provide King a lane to run through. use it to hide some form of shame. The Dawgs lose and you feel embarrassed. That engiNerd in accounting always gives you hell on Mondays after the Dawgs go down in defeat and after the last four weeks somehow you feel emasculated.

I say sprout a pair or sit down on your sofa next to your wife's throw pillow. There's no room for you in our stadium. The Dawgs lost to a mediocre future PacTen puppy Saturday night and still my 6 year old girl wore her red and black to school Monday. She ain't afraid of no HillBilly and she sure doesn't take any shit from a future level 26 magic user.

Are you disgruntled Dawg? Are you done wallowing in your pile of pity? Ready to rinse off?

Understand, you can't wait until halftime to decide. On Monday Richt sent the players a text telling them their pads would be ready for them at Butts-Mehre. It was 1's versus 1's. Time to tighten the chin strap. And you, you with the pitchforks, the torches and the Fulmer now the least you should be able to do is make a decision on whether you are a part of our sea of red and black, or just another fair weather Dawg sizing up an orange skirt.

With a h/t to Hamp, and Rex...and of course, Col. Nathan R. Jessep...I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to. It's gameday. It's Athens...

Go Dawgs!!


Scott said...

Wearing my black UGA polo PROUDLY today. No matter our record, no matter what Snerdly the Tech fan says...I'd still rather be a Dawg.

Once a Dawg, Always a Dawg...HOW SWEET IT IS.


P.S. - Those of us Dawg fans who work in Accounting sure do wish that people would find another department to put all of these hypothetical Tech Nerds in.

AthensHomerDawg said...

"Make no mistake, it's not revenge he's after. It's a reckonin'."

Anonymous said...

Very well put, sir.

81Dog said...

Good job, Bernie. I heard Tommy Lasorda say once he never told people about his problems, because 95% of the people wouldn't care, and the other 5% would be glad he had them.

It's time for everyone connected with UGA to quit whining and wallowing in pity/righteous outrage and focus on kicking some other team's ass. Sniping and booing ain't gonna get that done. Stay home if you've given up. Come prepared to back OUR team and OUR program if you come. What else can we do at this point? Fire everyone and forfeit the rest of the games for the season?

Pick yourself off, dust yourself off, and get back in the *()&$#(*# fight.

ucheedawg said...

I've got my UGA polo on today, wearing it proud as I do every single Friday. The only Tech guy who works with us asked when I was putting it up. I wanted to throw him down the elevator, but just gave him a gentlemen's smile. Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

Thanks for the feedback Dawgs.

@Scott My apologies. Careless typing which will be rectified in the future. Can't keep trodding incidentally on a TrT champion.

@BlakeMcCrary said...

I unfortunately will be "on the plains" today during the game but I will be proudly wearing my gameday "G" shirt amongst all those giddy, 5-0 blue & orange veterinarians.

I was there in 1979 and '90's Goffense era. When anyone want's to dare kick me in the teeth I also just give them that southern gentlemen's smile that will cut their heart out.

Even though kid Dooley is also a CCHS alum I want the Dawgs to excise his teeth today so that he will more closely resemble his fan base.