Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Offensive Headaches

First off, I'm on record that if we are to get our first SEC win this Saturday we are going to see more snaps for Caleb King and Kwame Geathers. Secondly, I'm usually not one to dwell on negatives. But the last offensive play of the game Saturday deserves another look...if you haven't already.

The Original Blawger notes that Caleb never really had the ball on that disheartening play. Pretty easy to agree that it wasn't a flea-flicker after watching the video.

There's a lot going on there. Walking away from Folsom I wondered aloud just how in the heck BJ Beatty (who I had warned was their biggest pass rushing and playmaking threat last week) got in the backfield so quick. How could CU's best defender go practically untouched on such a crucial play? I mean, there's never any excuse for laying it on the ground. But in the name of all things Holy, the one thing 9 guys on the field were assigned to do was block!

Looking at it over and over again it seems to me either White should've been checked/checked himself into protecting the line of scrimmage or Josh Davis should've been quicker to cover the rush off that end. We didn't necessarily need a TE blocking downfield there, especially after it was clear pre-snap that the Buffaloes were bringing the run blitz.

I'm not looking to assign blame to anyone, believe me. In truth, it was likely a good conservative play call that suffered from poor recognition pre-snap and a bad exchange. A recipe for disaster; one you might expect from a RS Fr QB, but maybe not necessarily from a veteran o-line and TE. Again, I hate dwelling on the negative. Woulda coulda shoulda and all that. But this one play seems an appropriate microcosm of our offense so far this season. 


Alan Ashley said...

What's the over/under on how long it takes us to run a flee-flicker. After Caleb said we don't have one in the playbook, this to me means Bobo will call one in the 1st possession in the 1st qtr.

Bernie said...

I would say/hope not for a while. I expect teams to continue to test AM and the pass protection (which has gradually gotten better). And now that AJs back, we have him to stretch the defense without gimmicks or trick plays.

Then again, lately I haven't been on the same page with Bobo.

Hunker Down said...

Watch Caleb's eyes. He looks up to see the end closing in on him instead of ensuring that he secures the ball. You make great points about the blown assignment between White/Davis. Plenty of failures to execute on a single play. I don't care to assign blame either because we had other chances to put this game away long before we needed a come from behind score to win. Anyway... I think we will get better because I don't think we could get much worse (in fundamentals and execution.)

Gov Milledge said...

I thought the same thing too about using a flea flicker...

but they are only useful when you have a decent running attack that causes players in a pass D to break coverage/step up to tackle the perceived runner, which leaves receivers open downfield

Anonymous said...

You don't want to assign blame.

That is fine. I like it that you do not. I wish I were as good a man as you.

Caleb King is the only person who, once again, did NOT do his JOB. Yes, Aron White did not block their best defender who had proven it over the ENTIRE GAME. His head was somewhere else on a RUNNING PLAY.

From the beginning, if you have a 65 inch plasma HDTV to play it back and slow it down, you can clearly see the Georgia tek fans on AJ-C.com made up all this crap that Aaron Murray had his hands up like he was going to get the ball back.

Aaron Murray did not.

The ball was put high in his chest on the numbers.

As noted above, Caleb King then saw their defender and as a wus turned away from him in a spinning move and lost the football on the play.

And, then did not come close to recovering it or any of the other standing around UGA Bulldogs when we already had the field goal.

The NFL teaches you what to do in this situation.

You just do not do what we did on this play, by ANY of the players on the play.

This is NOT the fault of the players, then.


Compared to Top 3 SEC Teams over 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 :

Georgia has the worst record against the ACC, Big XII & SEC.



vs. SEC 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 :

.815 Florida 31-7

.694 Alabama 25-11

.666 LSU 24-12

.571 Coach Richt 20-15 UGA 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 vs SEC

We are a very poorly coached football team, and HAVE BEEN since after the 2005 season; but it was not any of the other players and none of the coaches who fumbled the football : That was Caleb King, PROMOTED to Starting Tailback for it.