Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ogletree's Expanded Role

Sometimes I swear Coach Richt tailgates with us. Because we were talking about our safety play at length Saturday morning. Then again, I bet Alec Ogletree has entered into a lot of discussions regarding Georgia football lately.

The last two games, the true freshman safety from Newnan has seen more and more snaps on defense. He's already played a pivotal role on special teams, and has been brought in on offense even to deliver a bone crushing block.

The kid loves contact more than my daughter adores puppies. He craves it as if his body depends on it for survival. And now it seems he can be trusted in pass coverage as well as run support. His role will expand in the coming weeks according to Gentry Estes.

Ogletree was the first safety off the bench during this past weekend’s 43-0 victory over Vanderbilt, subbing in for starter Shawn Williams ahead of Jakar Hamilton, who didn’t play many snaps until the fourth quarter of the blowout.
It wasn't a random move. Richt says to watch for more from Ogletree this season.
“He’s starting to work his way into the lineup,” Richt said, “the base and we’re teaching him the nickel too. So he’s going to get a lot more reps. He’s proved that he’s not going to make any more mistakes than any of those other guys. He understands it enough where coaches have a comfort level to let him play more.”
CMR even gave Ogletree mention on his call in show last night after a caller specifically mentioned Thomas Davis (Saturday's motivator) and how physical play can change the game. Richt said #9 is on the rise.

The higher the better.

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