Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Red and Black...another exercise in pretension

I've gone on record before with my displeasure for the student run newspaper at the University of Georgia. Unfortunately, it now appears there's a contest to see who's a bigger douchebag than Michael Fitzpatrick. Given my frustration level with their printed drivel, I'll keep this short.

Adam Carlson is bound and determined to ignore facts in an effort to be humorous and downright cute. How else could you explain his opinion piece yesterday? The problem is the word felonious implies that there are actual felonies being committed by the football team. Most people don't need a Law 101 class to understand that speeding tickets and improper emergence from alleys are not felonies in the eye of the law. Hell, even the assault charges against former player Montez Robinson were misdemeanors.

Another problem is that it's not at all cute to ignore the fact that students all over campus are getting caught committing crimes. To cast a lily white finger towards Butts-Mehre only comes across as best.

Make jokes about 40 times and running from police Mr. Carlson. Maybe your fellow writers, aspiring TMZ  journalists will even buy you a Zima for your lack of effort. However, until you use actual facts to justify your opinion, your journalistic integrity is the only felony I see.

UPDATE: DawgFanTC takes Carlson to task in a letter to the editor.


Anonymous said...

You're being too kind to the R&B. As a UGA J-school grad and occasional R&B contributor, I can say the R&B was a rag well before this year.

Best things about the R&B are:
-Movie listings

It serves its purpose as a training paper (for pets and student journalists), as we are seeing exhibited in this series of stories.

Although, they may have something with this issue of the loan as it relates to the NCAA. But, a kernel of truth does not justify a snotty tone, like they have taken.

Thanks for calling them out on it. This is how student journalists learn. "Bad Dog!"

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the crossword puzzles for something to do during Law 101.

Bernie said...

Yeh, I spent a lot of time on the Russell Hall bus trying to fiot my limited vocabulary into the daily crossword. Usually unsuccessfully.

And good idea Anon as far as training papers. I'll have to keep that in mind for future reference.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I hear you, but I think it's important to remember who these writers are. One of the reasons our athletes keep doing stupid stuff and getting arrested is because they're college kids. So are the folks at The Red & Black.

As a wise man once said, "kids do dumb things, even with the right guidance."

Bernie said...

@Lucid Idiocy Yeh you're right and I get that. And I keep reminding myself that this was an opinion piece. But nowadays it seems those young writers at the R&B are more interested in training for the sensational, click whoring side of journalism, rather than earning recognition for fair and accurate writing. Somewhere Henry Grady is spinning in his grave.

UGA69Dawg said...

Having had a journalism major as a roomate at UGA I can assure you that Journalism is the only degree offered at the University that apparently makes you an expert in everything. It makes no difference what it is a journalist knows how to do it and how to tell others how they did it wrong. Yet when actually confronted with questions and facts you find out they don't know shat. A wise man once said don't get into an argument with a person that buys ink by the gallon because even if he is dummer than a wall he can drown you in ink.