Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's Redcoat'd Thoughts

First off, the band played their spit valves off yesterday. Excited about the new era of less blaring hip hop through the PA and more brass!

- Let's be mindful to temper the HillBilly stomp down with the reality that they are a really bad team.

- Still, it was nice to see the Dawgs keep them down where they were supposed to be. There was a time when we could've let them off the mat, but we didn't. And that credit goes to the coaches. Coach Richt had his team prepared.
- And it was also nice to see another team shoot themselves in the foot as much as we have. Tennessee helped us a lot, and we capitalized when necessary.
- Aaron Murray has a lot of want to. Kid just wants to score each and every play. I've requested a Heisman ballot. His name will be on it sooner rather than later.
- I thought Kenarious Gates played well. Somehow, some way...we have to find a running game by the time we leave for Lexington.
- Think back for a moment to the point in the game after Ealey fumbled out of bounds and King got the crap knocked out of him. Suddenly Bobo had to find a way to move the ball through the air only. It worked yesterday. Against teams like Florida and Auburn, probably not.
- Ogletree seems to slowly be gaining the confidence of his coaches. The sooner the better.
- Blake Sailors' obviously listens pretty well when Boss Bailey speaks. Very glad to see him make such a big play.
- More on this later, but the crowd was better than I expected. That's the good news. However, the truth is it's sad that our students can't get their lazy asses to the stadium. Stop whining about the early kicks and come support your team.
- Lastly, how funny is it that after all that controversy down in Baton Rouge last week, lil' Dooley borrowed that snap the ball 20 yards downfield play right from the Mad Hatter's playbook?

And so glad Russ gets to go out a winner. That Dawg deserves every point scored yesterday.

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Ollllddude said...

"Stop whining about the early kicks and come support your team"

Tell it. I know a lot of people like sleeping in or, more likely, like the idea of tailgating all day long, but seriously, if you could dial up weather like yesterday's every week, what would be wrong with noon/1:00PM starts every game? At least it isn't Thursday night. Tailgate after the game if you have to.

Fred said...

A) I shall not temper the Hillbilly stomp down- when anyone in orange loses, the good and decent people on this planet win. Period.

B)Thanks, Russ

Bernie said...

All in all, a good day for America.