Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Thoughts at the bottom of the cocktail

Just a few before the road signs turn north.

1. The game came down to turnovers of course. Plain and simple. We gave the ball up too often and when they tried to return the favor we just couldn't make the play; or tried too hard to make one.
2. I thought it was a well coached game for the most part. I wish Bobo had trusted the running game more. It may have kept some gator arms out of those throwing lanes.
3. I think Rainey just texted in another 12 yards.
4. OT seemed to me to be a great time for one of those we're gonna run it down your throat drives.
5. Can someone tell me who won the toss for OT? I admittedly did not have a good view, but I thought we won the toss. If so, why didn't we go on defense first?
5. Most of all I'm proud of the way we fought back in the second half. In that regard this team was able to do what the previous two were not.

But in the end the result was the same.


Anonymous said...

Gators won the toss

Anonymous said...

Give me a break with the you are proud we came back. We gave that game away like we always do. I am sick and tired of the "boy we sure tried hard" commentary. Bottom line is win, which we never seem to do.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Just got home.I'm glad we came back in the second half and made a game of. I wanted them to keep up the pressure. Bernie looks like you sat in the North end zone from your pic... my son and I were in Sec 121. We got some shade at half and the jets flew right over our head at the start of the game. Parked at Tailgaters off Talley Rand. Great crowd,all fans were polite, live band, and couldn't believe the costumes. Great experience. Molly Dooly Dawg(our AmStaff) came and did her best WOOF WOOF!

Bernie said...

@AthensHomerDawg Well we were practically neighbors for a few hours Saturday. Glad your experience (except for the game's outcome) was a good one too.