Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Thoughts on the Blue Grass

Only have time for a couple notes. Then it's time to start packing for a cocktail party.

  • Washaun Ealey - whatever confidence he lacked a couple weeks ago has been restored tenfold.
  • Sanders Commings - dude is like a turnover magnet in silver britches. And that interception the endzone was a thing of beauty. It's so refreshing to see our DBs turn and play the ball. At least most of them...
  • Justin Houston is relentless. He can't be blocked. And if Commings is a turnover magnet, Akeem Dent attracts tackles just as much.
  • It won't look pretty in the boxscore, but the defense played very well early and then it was prevention time.
  • Not sure what's wrong with Blair Walsh. It may be the same confidence bug that Ealey was suffering from a couple weeks ago. 
  • As much as we all wanted to see Aaron Murray torch the UK defense, I just kept thinking of all those FU gators at home watching the game. They got to see so very little of what this offense can do.
That's all I got for now. Talk amongst yourselves.


Alan Ashley said...

I think Walsh has a twitter bug. Since he started posting, he has had issues. Just sayin'.

Cleve said...

I think the most underrated play in the game was the one where Shawn Williams punched the ball out of bounds on the onside kick. A very heads up play by the young player and one that might have dramatically changed the game had it gone the other way. I think that play deserves a lot of attention in this great win. Go Dawgs GATA!