Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday's Mile Low Thoughts

I'll make this quick, for my sanity and yours. And so I don't miss my flight outta this place.

- First and foremost (and at the risk of sounding like a sore loser), Colorado fans are among the worst. The "F... You Georgia" cheer highlighted their classlessness I think.
- Talked to so many nice people around Boulder leading up to the game. My experience at Folsom flushes everything nice I have to say.
- We're as bad in the Rocky Mtn air as we are at sea level.
- Caleb's fumble is one of many things that cost us the game. But there's no question in my mind that he should be the starter. In fact, I'll go so far as to type that if he gets half of Thomas' carries...we win that game.
- And I'll continue to plug Kwame Geathers for more snaps as well. After becoming mysteriously missing in Starkville, he played alot and played well.
- However, the Dawgs' front continuously allowed Hansen to escape the pocket and move the chains. And that was brutal, time and time again.
- We did the CU offense plenty of favors with the roughing the kicker and other brainless teasers, but they used the run to set up the pass well. There are plenty of Hawkins' decisions that didn't make sense to me, but he had a solid gameplan.
- And in the end his buffs executed better than our Dawgs. Ouch!
- And what can you say about AJ? Except that we couldn't pump the fluids into his veins fast enough.
- At least we got to see Knowshon on the sideline. Although I was hoping he'd suit up for my fantasy team today. If not for the Dawgs last night.

So here we are. We've let two good teams slip through our grasp. And we've given two bad teams season defining wins. Like I said last week, strap your chin strap on tight. It's gonna be tough.


BulldoBen said...

We have no shot next week. Instead of strapping the chinstrap tight, I think I'll just take the helmet off.

The plane has crashed into the mountain.

Anonymous said...

I, too, had hoped to see Knowshon dress out for us last night. Heck, he could have brought along Tebow to spell Chapas some.

Sorry to hear of the bad fans, Bernie. Makes a tough situation even worse because there's really not anything civilized one can do about it.

Go Dawgs!

Ollllddude said...

It has been said by some one else better, but the HUUUGGGEEE difference that AJ makes should be a little embarrassing for the coaches in particular and the team in general. I can not believe how much we rely on one player. I don't we relied on HW that much - don't get me wrong, he got the ball a lot, but when he was out we weren't just completely inept like we are without AJ. Our coaches should have a game plan that is a little more useful for the tools that we have. What does this team have more than anything? TIGHT ENDS! Let's use them a little. I bet AJ had more balls thrown to him in one half of a game than Orson Charles has had thrown to him all season. Well maybe not, but I bet it is closer than you think. What about Figgins? White? Lynch? Why not use two at once, show run and throw to one being covered by a linebacker? What happened to all the mismatches we were supposed to see? Maybe they are being kept back for protection, but I don't get the impression that AM needs that as much as he needs an open receiver to throw to.

Anonymous said...

It is way too late to worrry about what we should have done, now.

Best UGA coach ever is B.S.

4th best coach in America is B.S.

39-18 after 2005 season thru now

40-19 Jim Donnan got fired for

Anonymous said...

Being a sore loser means getting mad when they cheer for themselves after the win, which they didn't do. They went after Georgia fans after they won.

I was there with a friend and her autistic son and as we walked back to parking after the game, every single CU fan we encountered yelled "you suck!" at us. That's beyond the pale. In my experience, if there are obnoxious college students, they tend to leave the alumni alone and just razz the other kids. And the fans who were so obnoxious to us were all ages, all numbers - one guy was ALONE as he walked past us and still did it. Amazing. I've never seen anything like it, not after LSU, not after Florida. Never!

Bernie said...

@Ollllddude I did see Charles slotted out a couple times which was good to see. There's just too much talent on the team as a whole ( and at TE as you point out) for us not to be exploiting these teams we're losing to.

@Anon 6:49 I agree. Right before the game we were tailgating with a Nebraska fan and he warned us about their behavior. I shrugged it off as Big 12 angst. His comment afterwards was "See, I told you." I mean after the game we were even taunted by homeless people. It was incredibly sickening and not at all expected after I had been treated so nicely leading up to the game. I couldn't make it a half-hour walking around Boulder Fri and Sat w/o someone stopping me and asking me where I was from, "hope you have a good time", "welcome to Boulder", etc.

But when toe meets leather, look out. They're done huggin' trees and are really ready to make asses out of themselves.

Stephen said...

Well, I have to chime in about the fans. I wasnt at this game, but to my understanding, the South carolina students chanted "F** you Georgia" for a solid hr..

at what point does someone step in for the kids and family atmosphere sake?

Bernie said...

I don't know the answer to that Stephen. On a smaller scale it's definitely easier for security to address. When it's that many people the school would have to step in and do something to institute change I think.