Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday's Vantastic Thoughts

In an effort to get the bad outta the way...the attendance yesterday truly disappointed me. I mean REALLY disappointed me.

- Well it was very nice to meet you Uga VIII. Wow! You are big and bad.
- In case you were one of the ones late to the game...yes, we used every timeout afforded us in the first few minutes. Vandy never saw THAT coming!
- Kris Durham is my PotG. Lionel Ritchie et al understandably took away AJ early and Durham stepped up BIG!
- Great game by Ealey. Ran with determination. Ran hungry. Just needs to be a little hungrier.
- Along that line, great game for the O-line. Pass protection was great and run blocking was good.
- This just in...SEC refs failed their SATs. But it could be worse, we could be Arkansas today. Damn.
- Maybe now some fans will realize our defense is vastly improved. VASTLY. That's not to say they are of championship caliber yet. And I know it was Vandy, but they didn't get into the RedZone the entire game. Sixty minutes and no...ZERO snaps inside the 20. Great game, and great preparation by Gratham et al.
- Special teams shout out to Drew Butler. Best game since Lafayette. And Blair for entering the UGA record books.
- At the tailgate we had a passionate discussion about former UGA safeties. lo and behold, Thomas Davis was on the sidelines. Hope he had an opportunity to bend Ogletree's ear.

That's a brief synopsis of what I saw. What'd you see?


Ollllddude said...

Kris Durham was great, and I am not forgetting that it was Vandy, but he ran great routes and had magnetic hands. I can see him making a pro team in a Finneran-possession receiver sort of way if he wants to next year.

The defense had a great day, but a better more talented team will still give us fits. We need to be ready for Cobb. On the bright side, Kentucky may have a hard time in back-to-back games. It may be good they beat USuC.

Cleve Jackson said...

I cant help but be excited about the way we have played the past two games but I think the real test of how good we are and how far we have come will be this week at Kentucky. As we have seen the past two weeks and even last year in Athens, Kentucky is not the Kentucky we are used to. We have to continue to do exactly what we did the past two weeks. Jump on them early. Force them to make mistakes and hopefully the ball will continue to bounce our way. I think Richt needs to make sure to remind his team what the Wildcats did to us last year and that will be plenty of motivation for me. Shout out to Kris Durham and Sailors(#5) - if the whole team played with that kids heart we wouldnt lose. Go Dawgs

Bernie said...

Absolutely. KenYucky looked like a scary game in August. Now much more so.

Despite the consequences to me personally, I hope they spend all week drinking every drop of bourbon in the state celebrating that win.