Friday, October 22, 2010

Trivial Update - Hap Hines, the full Monte?

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 64 is coming up right after this PSA: Hal we miss yo towel eating ass!

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 64 "Nine Lives, One Joker" It's time for the weekly Twivia show that rarely plays with a full deck. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Commonwealth Stadium seats over 67,000 and has been the Wildcat home since 1972. What place kicker holds the distinction of kicking the longest field goal at Commonwealth?

During football season, I generally try to choose a question that has something relevant to the upcoming game. So when I started digging into Kentucky football history it lead me to Commonwealth Stadium, which in turn lead me to two records there painted in Bulldog red.

Buck Belue to Amp Arnold was the longest pass play of 
91 yards on October 25th, 1980.

Hap Hines kicked the longest field goal of 54 yards on October 26th, 1996.

I went with the second one thinking it might be a little more obscure...and desperate to throw off the winner of the past three weeks. Never once did I consider that Hap's record might be confined to collegiate play.

Jenn from La Jolla had other ideas. Her shot in the dark was Monte Merrick, a kicker for Western Kentucky. Had he beaten UK on a last second long one? Or had he played there in a high school game?

The answer to both was no. But Jenn played it up good, at least enough to get me on the google and dial up this Monte kid. Turns out, he's no Hap Hines. But he does have his own website. Either way, it made La Jolla a distant third. Good enough for an official Just Kick'n it with Monte t-shirt...whenever they come out with one.

Paige on the other hand, had the correct answer...just not quite quick enough on the trigger. Her Twitter might be uber, but it's no match for Shan. In it's long and glorious history, TrT has never had a 4 week winner. Ally and Alan came close, but couldn't run their streak to a full month.

As for the fabulous prizes, Paige gets a game used Hal Mumme towel and Shan gets a trophy case...and a racing form from Keeneland. It doesn't appear your luck is gonna run out anytime soon.

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