Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weapons on Offense Not Named AJ

Weiszer does a great job spelling out just what a difference (direct and indirect) AJ Green has meant to the Georgia offense since his return. What's been especially helpful (and refreshing) is that we've had guys ready to make the big play when defenses come out dead set on tightening a grip on #8. For example, against Vandy it was Kris Durham and Washaun Ealey with big gainers.

But the best illustration to the change in the offense the last couple weeks comes towards the end of Weiszer's piece:
Georgia rushed for 124.3 yards per game while Green was suspended and has averaged 185.3 per game since he’s been back. Tight ends Orson Charles and Aron White combined for six catches for 66 yards in the four games without Green and 12 catches for 193 in the three with him.
Certainly Kentucky will come out ready to try and stop AJ Saturday night. I wonder who will be ready for the challenge this time...

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