Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're dealing with a lot of (crap)!

Maybe Ealey's eyelids are jammed...or we should sacrifice a live rooster...or maybe Millie or Jimmy didn't get their candlesticks. (NSFW...)

But somehow we gotta get the monkey off this kid's back. Ealey's got a case of the hiccups. And now we really can't afford it. I know towards the end Saturday we were desperately trying to get him in the endzone. Kinda wish we had. The kid needs some confidence and what better way to do that than to let him change the scoreboard by 6.

Fred Munzenmaier was supposed to take some snaps at TB yesterday. A lot of fans are clamoring for the freshman Ken Malcome now that Caleb King is out two games. But that will certainly depend on how much the kid has progressed in pass protection as much as hitting the holes. In case he makes it into the game, he'll be #24. Maybe Knowshon and Washaun left some mojo in that jersey.

But if I'm Bobo I'm coming up with a way to get Ealey across the goalline early Saturday. He's our best option at success and I think he's capable of carrying it four quarters if necessary.

But y'all be ready with the rabbit's feet just in case.

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