Friday, October 29, 2010

What's Special in Jax

Other than the cocktail party...

Caleb Sturgis is out tomorrow after reaggravating his back injury. Since the Florida kicker went down, freshman Brad Phillips has handled most of the load. With him the Gators lose an average of two yards per kick and he has yet to get a touchback. I'm sure Boykin is aware of this.

Chas Henry is having another stellar year punting the ball in Gainesville. He's averaging over 49 yards and opponents have only been able to return 5 of his 22 punts. Georgia on the other hand has its full complement of punt returners back for this game. And between Gray, Smith and Green we're averaging about 10 yards a return.

Between having two scholarship placekickers (you think Corch would love to have the little used Bogatay about now?) and a solid KO/Punt coverage team, you have to give the edge in special teams easily to Georgia. The names Boykin Blair & Butler should be enough to make Gator fans cringe.

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Anonymous said...

heard that Brad Phillips pulled a hammy at Roughing the Kicker