Friday, October 15, 2010

You Will, You Might & You Won't

At the game tomorrow...

You will see a convincing win.

  • Georgia will dominate using a good mixture of pass and run that will set up Aaron Murray to have another stellar performance. Ealey has a big game and the defense gets 2-3 more turnovers to help the scoreboard pull away. 
You might see Ken Malcome.
  • But I think it would take some pretty dire straights to give fans their first look at the true freshman. Dire as in an injury to Ealey and Munzenmaier missing the team bus from Lake Lanier.
You won't see AJ return punts.
  • It was nice last week to see Georgia's best playmaker trot out to get an extra touch on the ball, but shortly after that he was laying on the 10 yard line as the stadium held its collective breath. Plus, it's not like Logan Gray hasn't proven he's the man for the job. He's done waving five fingers through the air and he's ready to score six points.

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