Friday, November 19, 2010

Bizarro McGarity and the Boise Rumor

They can't garner much support for a #1 ranking, but give credit to Boise State for one thing - they have elevated their status to the point that they don't have to come all the way to Athens for a game of national prominence. Five years ago, that's where they were. Desperate for a run at the big boys and willing to come to Georgia to get what turned out to be nothing more than a tune up for the guys in silver britches.

I guess this will have to be an off-season trip now.
The distance from Athens to Atlanta is small, but the distance between the matchups of 2005 and 2011 will be great. BSU fans will certainly travel for this one, especially after what they did to VA Tech in DC back in August and the fact that the Dawgs will be coming off two consecutive disappointing seasons.

I shook this rumor off at first glance. But when McGarity won't comment and Coach Richt says we'll wait until Monday...something's up. And it looks like it's bye-bye Kentucky Bourbon tour in 2012 and hello Chris Peterson in the Dome next August. Unless something throws a wrench in this thing, I would expect us to lose the home game next year in favor of adding a neutral site. But as Groo points out, the end line would have it's advantages.

I just still can't wrap my brain around it though. Just when I had let go of the big non-conference games and settled into a plate of mostly regional cupcakes, we get Boise State in the Kickoff Classic. Okay. I understand the money side of it. I guess I just didn't expect to dump our new scheduling philosophy so fast, even if this is just a one-time aberration in McGarity's grand plan. Or maybe I underestimated our desperation in dumping Louisville.

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