Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bobo versus Roof

A couple months ago Auburn fans were ready to send their defensive coordinator packing. They hadn't lost a game of course, but had given up over 300 yards passing to Arkansas State in the opener. Cooler heads have prevailed, but there are very real opportunities against the SECs 8th ranked defense.

Can Coach Bobo's unit take advantage of them?

Of course, it's hard to complain about an offense that's been putting up big numbers lately. But it's what they taught me to do in blogging school, so here goes. Bobo needs:
  1. to roll Murray out where he can be an even bigger weapon. This is an effective tool that we use about every game, but a little more wouldn't hurt. For every time they guess correctly with a corner blitz, there's probably another two times they don't.
  2. to call some screen passes to help slow down their blitzkrieg. We used to be so good at utilizing the screen pass. With Chapas, King and our wealth of TEs...this should be a strength.
  3. to call that waggle play I saw against UL-L and haven't seen since. That was the best play Bobo's called all season, perfect for Murray in that it buys the freshman QB some time, provides him plenty of options and allows him to see the entire field unhindered.
  4. settle on a RB and stick with him. As I mentioned earlier, we're way too predictable with this platoon thing. This won't happen of course. But I'll keep beating the drum...
That's a start. What did I miss?


AthensHomerDawg said...

There have been several games where, due to suspensions,injury,etc., only one of the two backs were available. What do the running stats look like on those occasions? I do wish we would throw to Chapas out of the backfield and use those TEs. I really expected much more production out of those two elements than what we've had so far. When you think about it.... we've hardly had all our players on the field at the same time due to one reason or another..from the very start of the season. A lot of a missed reps there.

Anonymous said...

Murray has been waggling all year but since the tailbacks don't have the vision or ability to cut back the backside DEs and/or OLBs are not respecting the run and Murray is having to contend with a free man giving the defense a chance to cover. Never have I seen the waggle routes so well covered since about midseason.