Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Boulder Coach Richt? Please!

The media and many Dawg fans have long complained about Coach Richt being too soft-spoken, too reserved, too Christian. The literal translation is, he's not Saban or Meyer. But you've got blinders on if you actually believe he'd turn tail and run for the hills.

Now, the head guy and I have never shared a beer on my back porch and he wasn't in my wedding...but I think I know him well enough to type that he ain't leaving Georgia until Georgia is done with him. And folks, Georgia ain't done with him. Stir that into your coffee, tweet it, Like it, or print it out and stuff it under your pillow. Whatever you have to do to let it sink in. Because I think I know him well enough to know  that he wants to win in Athens.

But since Mr. SEC took the time to list some reasons why CMR should head to Boulder (noticeably absent I might add is to get another shot at KiffyBaby), I thought I would list some reasons why it won't happen.
  1. Most notably, money. Pennington says it would take a paycut of about $800K. Well, that won't even get him at the table where you could begin to discuss the payout. Please...Oprah can't write a check this big. Well, she probably could but Obama's next contribution might be a little lighter. You get my point.
  2. Travel. Sure his divisional foes take a step back in the Pac-Ten (??) compared to UF, UT and SC. But they also distance themselves from the practice field considerably. He didn't like flying to Tempe, he doesn't like the occasional trip to Fayetteville. Surf's down dude.
  3. Family. They're all around him in Athens. To move everyone (again) would be terribly inconvenient and costly. And as pointed out in item 1, there'll be less benjamins to hand out.
  4. Truth. There are a number of issues I might have with things in the Georgia football program, but Coach Richt is a man of his word. Whether he's handing out scholarship offers or telling us he's a Georgia man, you can take it to the bank (which is where he'll be spending less time if he were to go to Colorado...sorry, couldn't resist one more chance to point that out).
Maybe I'm just missing something...I didn't see an indoor practice facility in Boulder...??


BulldogBry said...

I'm not sure he's motivated by money any more - now that he knows he's set for life.

Obviously, he's not going. And I've never had a beer with him either. But trust me, he's not going only because God has not told him to go. If he felt led, he would be gone.

Sports Dawg said...

I,for one, don't want Richt to go. I just want him to make the necessary changes within his program when they are needed, and make them quicker than he has in the past. I'm hoping that McGarity will be the catalyst to see to it that that happens going forward.

AthensHomerDawg said...

I hear ya Sports Dawg. Coach Bowden held on to some coaches too long and it came back and bit him big time. McGarity is a hugh upgrade and that should help. I don't want to be part of the circus that is Tennessee football and that haunted Alabama when they punted their coaches. All- in-all regardless of the poor mouthin' Richt has been very good for GEORGIA. I look over at Texas coming off a run at the NC and think....Dang! 5 losses! Is anybody wanting to fire Mr. Mack?