Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Checks and Balances, we're talking about practice!

Was looking through Coach Richt's Idaho State Preview last night and found this interesting:
My main goal right now is today we have a lot of energy in practice and that we focus on improving. We just have done enough little things that become big things that we have to make sure we make those corrections. I actually added an extra correction period just to say, 'You go by position and you might have covered it in film and showed them during the game, but I want you to physically remind them in some form of a drill or some form of emphasis to even if you just correct one thing by segment, that's nine things that we get corrected that will hopefully get better as the season goes on.
To add the context to it, CMR was asked about reminding the team of recent FCS upsets such as James Madison and App State.  

Now, adding another period to the practices may not be Earth shattering. But it's the little things to big things that drew my eye. I don't want to read too much into it, but I immediately thought of the offensive line's inconsistency and the defense still grasping the base 3-4.

A system in which just nodding your head in the film room and showing basic understanding in practice isn't going to cut it completely...well, that's a good thing. We may be re-evaluating goals, but we're not gonna skate through doing it.

Again, maybe I'm taking some liberties with it. Follow the link and listen to his words (this is the first question, but is about 8 minutes in) yourself.

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