Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Feedbag - Toomer's Cornered

Some links to throw in the microwave this morning.
  • First and foremost, Groo found the 1994 edition of the Deep South's oldest rivalry in its entirety. In many ways, that one game sums up the ├╝ber close rivalry as completely as any other.
  • Meanwhile, Rex sums up AwwBarn football in one picture.
  • Hamp has the latest installment of Pulpwood's diatribe. One of the season's finest editions for sure.
  • Grantham's defense is impressed but not awed by the Auburn QB...what's his name??...oh yeh, Cam.
  • Streit catches us up on a former hero from the Plains, Tra Battle. And Mackie plays off of that 2006 victory to feel a little confident about Saturday.
  • Big Muddy summons his inner Ziemba in displaying his fears of Malzahn's x's and o's.
My favorite highlight from that 1994 game may be Robert Edwards' interception. Nix had picked on him all night, but went one too many times to the well. Edwards had good coverage downfield, slipped and fell on his back just as the ball landed on his chest. 

That's karma Terry Bowden. Eat it.

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