Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Headlines, from Nesbitt to Newton

Some famous potato'd headlines for your Friday.
  • Nesbitt won't play Georgia until next year at the earliest. Surprise! I'm an idiot. Nesbitt's a senior, I thought he was a junior. So...Nesbitt is out for his last game against the Dawgs. That may sound like good news for Dawg fans, but the kid behind him nearly rallied his engiNerds to victory last night in Blacksburg in front of a raucous Lane Stadium crowd.
  • Kris Durham recounts the play that caused his injury last Saturday. What's a little blood between friends?
  • Akeem Hebron's career summed up in one Paschall piece. And another great piece on a Georgia LB, Page wonders if Akeem Dent's injury in August was actually divine ($$).
  • Exile's Five Questions for tomorrow.
  • Terrific post by Rex in regards to his 1980 team's evolution into brotherhood.
  • Yesterday I laid some blame for the gator loss cautiously at Murray's feet. Meanwhile Lucid Idiocy was developing pictorial proof that it's not all his fault.
  • And suddenly the spotlight is mighty hot in Auburn, Alabama. I don't expect CamGate to affect AwwBarn's QB depth chart in the least heading into our game next Saturday. I mean, if they've played him all season knowing of this issue why would that change going forward? If anything, I think we can expect Newton's best game to date.
I have tried all week to find something compelling about tomorrow's game to write about. I'm going because I love Georgia and love the Dawgs. I want to see Hutson Mason play some a lot and I want to see the 1980 Junkyards with gray hair.

But as for this ISU team, there ain't much compelling. However, if you just gotta go somewhere to get ready for them I did find a Bengal Blog. In fact, that's what it's called - The Bengal Blog!. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I may be misinterpreting what you mean by Nesbitt playing Georgia NEXT year...but he is a senior.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Tevin Washington was ranked a 2 star qb (for what that's worth) by Rivals. Apparently, Tech was the only major school that offered him. I don't see him as a making something out of nothing style of runner but he can throw. Still....he hasn't really seen the field and coming to Athens to play the Dawgs "Between the Hedges" ought to make it hard for him to keep his breakfast down. Let's just hope he doesn't have a Corey Phillips/Kentucky day on us...and more of a Corey Phillips/GT day. No knock on Corey .....he was a gutsy QB and a DGD!

Bernie said...

Oh, I thought he was a junior.


Bernie said...

@AthensHomerDawg Yeh, they really struggled at first. But when VA Tech got a little complacent he was ready to make them pay.

James Stephenson said...

I could not understand VTs offense. It seemed to me, when they were not running, and they appeared to run well. The passing offense appeared to be, Tyrod run around back there and throw it deep?

I play against guys like that on Xbox Live. Get a team with a quick QB, run him around, either run for some yards or throw deep. That was the offense VT was running last night, Xbox live O.

A team that really sticks with the run and has an accurate drop back passer will kill this team.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was shocked at how much time Tyrod had on some of VT's passing plays. On his pick in the end zone, he must have been back in the pocket close to ten seconds. If our O-line can block for half that time, Murray is going to destroy Tech's secondary if we stop running this State long enough to attempt a few passes.