Friday, November 19, 2010

From Columbus to Athens, the long way

Nice write up yesterday by Tucker on Jarvis Jones, who has gone from KiffyBaby's cold shoulder to the near end of a redshirt season at Georgia. It covers his C5 injury and really paints a picture of how much he's struggled with it; not just the injury itself but also in the trust of the people around him in what advice he was being given.

But luckily:
“I’m 100 percent healthy now,” (Jones) said. “I’ve put [the injury] behind me and all the jitterbugs that I had. I was pretty scared about how I was doing, but I’ve put that behind me. And now I’m back to having fun and playing football, something I love to do.”
And his team will be ready to have him playing football. Grantham has high expectations:
“He’s obviously a guy that’s going to help us, and I’m excited that he’s here. He’s going to be a guy who makes plays. . . . I’m looking forward to getting him out there in the spring and working with him.”
Dent and Gamble are both gone after this season. I don't feel confident Houston will be back. So, can Jones play once?

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