Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gameday - Barn Door Boogie

UPDATE: DadCam admits he's a greed whoring douchebag, but still thinks we'll believe his son and AwwBarn are lily white. Like the Senator said yesterday, the decision is Auburn's to make. Since they've spent more time on NCAA probation than OJ Simpson has in his lawyer's office...who the hell knows whether Cameron takes a snap or a nap.

h/t Anti-Orange Page
Time for the pre-game prep. I've read and watched as much as I can stand on this Cam Newton saga. Like most of the fans in this one (and I'm sure the players and coaches as well), I'm ready for actual football.

I think the star Tiger starts, plays, runs, passes and scores. And he likely does so a lot. The question du jour is how many points do we need to put up to stay in it? At the start of the week I would've said 35, maybe 38. But all this non-sense is either going to prove overwhelming for Auburn's #2...or it will bring out the best in him. And I think it's the latter.

But that doesn't mean hope is lost by any means. Take this nugget from the Barners' secondary:
  • Alshon Jeffery - 192 yds, 2TDs 
  • Greg Childs 164 yds, 2TDs
Aaron Murray has to be licking his chops. And AJ, Kris, Tavarres, Orson and Aron...they haven't suppressed this much anticipation since their 8th Christmas Eve. We'll put up some points. This game is won or lost in the battle between our front seven and the kid with the $200,000 Charmin.

Maybe Christian Robinson can cash one of Newton's checks just across the line of scrimmage.

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