Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How can we possibly win this battle?

Can we make it five in a row? Yes...but...

Just like Florida was the best defense we'll face this season, Auburn is the best offense. We nearly pulled a win out against Mallett and the Razorbacks. But Newton and the Tigers are more balanced and more effective simply because they can run the ball so well.

I'll post separately on the offense and defense later, but here's a basic yet effective recipe for a deep South win:
Hell, Battle is his last name.
  • First and foremost, protect the football. Georgia's TO margin on the year is a respectable +7. But take out the two patsies and it shrinks to +2. If they give the ball to us great. But we have to make sure we don't make this game any easier than it can be for them.
  • Contain Cam. I don't know that he can be stopped, unless we can get to his pre-game meal. But we have to minimize the damage Newton can do. And that means covering targets and making them earn any yards they get downfield through the air. And then it means tackling...well. Newton will get his yards, but we don't have to get all Christmasy about it.
  • Early success. Whether it's a big special teams play, a turnover or just a big hit, we have to be the one to set the tone. (Maybe Tra can be this week's guest speaker. We'll let Jason Campbell introduce him...) If we can shut their we're entitled cuz we were screwed in 2004 piehole early, we can create that seed of doubt in their minds and then fertilize it from there. Cuz...
  • ...we'll put up points this Saturday. The hard part will be forcing kicks as opposed to endzone celebrations, being the more physical team and stopping them short of the sticks instead of giving up that extra yard. In short, we have to want this more than they do.
  • Neutralize their pass rush. Let's face it, the method of operation against Georgia's offensive line this season is to blitz. And if Idaho State can force Murray into throws, Fairley and his other plainsmen will be able to as well. Waggles, rollouts, screens would be a great place for Bobo to start.

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