Friday, November 12, 2010

Lemon Honors Teammates

Great story on former Dawg Michael Lemon in the Raleigh News Observer as he nears the end of his playing career at NC State (h/t Weiszer). Lemon was a freshman in Athens when his mother was murdered by her boyfriend. After making two headlines the wrong way, he went on to Georgia Military College before NC State coach Tom O'Brien gave him a second shot at D-1 football.
The lone remaining immediate family member in Lemon's life, younger brother Marquez, is a senior running back at Stratford Academy in Macon, Ga. He has a playoff game Friday night and won't make it to Raleigh on Saturday for the Wolfpack's 2 p.m. home season finale against Wake Forest.  
So N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien asked Lemon who he would like to join him on the field when he is honored before the game. Lemon's answer delighted O'Brien, who has said he has been determined to build a team-first culture ever since he arrived in Raleigh after the 2006 season. 
Lemon said he wanted defensive line coach Keith Willis and the rest of the defensive linemen to accompany him when he is honored before the game.
NC State plays Wake Forest in their home finale tomorrow at 2pm. I haven't found the game in any local listings in the Atlanta area. But I'm sure many Dawgs will be there in spirit.


Alan Ashley said...

Good to see a good kid get things pointed in the right direction. Wish the best for him and his brother.

Bernie said...

Well said Alan. And I wish someone would pitch in and drive Marquez to Raleigh this morning. It's a special moment for both of them.

Ally said...

That post should come with a warning label to grab some kleenex in advance.

Michael Lemon's reputation long before he ever stepped foot in Athens has always been a classy, smart, talented, & good young man. How he's handled the unspeakably evil way his Mother was murdered and the consequences of his anger proves that.

Kudos to Coach O'Brien and NC State for taking a chance on Michael. Kudos to the incredible Coaches at Georgia Military for helping & loving Michael through a horrific time in his life. And all praise be to God.

What an amazing success story. Best wishes to Michael & Marquez always. Once a Dawg, always a Dawg...

Thanks for posting this Chris. You just made my day!

Go Dawgs!!