Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Locker Notes - Idaho State Bengals

Do the bengal tigers of Idaho subsist on potatoes alone?

  • Coach Grantham - Some Benedryl might clear up that itchy throat.
  • Hutson Mason - Almost time to work on the TD/pass attempt ratio.
  • AJ Green - Do you prefer crinkle cut or curly? Maybe a plate of both.
  • Jordan Love - He's a very intelligent guy who I think will play a lot of football for us before it's over.
  • Orson Charles - Big game down in Florida. You can name your number again this Saturday. GATA.
  • DeMarcus Dobbs - Pick six? Maybe two...??
  • Marlon Brown - Where ya been? Looking forward to some BIG plays this Saturday.
Here's your sharpie. Now get to it.

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