Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - From Talleyrand to Despair and Back

I'm knee deep in my analysis of the game itself and the season as a whole. And when I say knee deep, it's really all up in my head. It started collecting there by the time my feet hit Talleyrand Avenue after the game and didn't stop until sometime along the late night tour of Redfern Village's watering holes back on St. Simons. 

Then other pressing issues took over. Like how old Kym actually midgets make a living...whether or not a five dollar bill constitutes the necessity for live designated drivers are saving the world but wreaking havoc on power seats and mirror settings. 

And while the drive back to reality yesterday and the trick or treat chaperoning didn't allow much time to get my analysis into typeset, I do want to share with you that I met Rep. Corrine Brown's son at the game Saturday. Remarkably, his grasp of the English language was much firmer than his mom's. Yet somehow he struggled counting all the way up to third down. I did my best to help, but must have offended confused him. He disappeared after the first quarter.

So I never got a chance to gradulate him.

Today's Ingredients

  • One of the (many) hot topics this week is gong to be the discussion towards moving this game away from Jacksonville. I went down that road a couple years ago and found nothing but a pity party with self-loathing on tap. I'll stand alongside the Senator. I'm lost as to what it is about the location that makes us lose this game.
  • Now that I have my hindsight mirror at the ready, Quinton was indeed right. I just didn't see us getting that careless with the ball.
  • I didn't get all the way through my re-watch yesterday, but was able to see Murray's first throw. The kid didn't have a great game for sure. But he didn't get a lot of help from any of his receivers (tipped balls, lazy routes, tentativeness). AJ and Durham especially looked out of sorts.
  • ...except a case can certainly be made for Orson Charles' effort. And how long was Durham playing hurt
  • Some reactions I've read: Rex is heartbroken. Kit is pleading for sanityBig Muddy is saddened. Kyle had some immediate and cogent observations. Groo catches a breath with a deep sigh.
  • Parting shots - Bubba Garcia's fried jalepenos trump Gnats' pickles. Cover charges are for places with live bands. And the GA DOT can choke on their own tar bucket.

I caught some heat for it yesterday, but why wouldn't I be proud of the way we fought back in the second half? Does it excuse the turnovers or the inability to just smother a loose ball? No, but it beats the hell out of watching the scoreboard tilt ever so unevenly while one half of AllTel empties.

Sock it to em America!
And that's just one of the topics I expect to touch on this week. My scouting report on the Vandals is understandably thin. So that should leave at least a little time to tackle the thoughts running around in my head. But before we do that, I should take my own personal bite of humble pie. I treated Florida fans poorly last week. And although I don't regret that in the least, I should give most of those saurians props for showing up, clapping vertically, and keeping your classlessness to a relative minimum.

If only your corch could do the same. 

That's all for now. I don't know about you, but I plan to get out and fire as many elected officials as possible tomorrow. And remember, if you are one of those looking for my digital endorsement tomorrow, for Heavens' sake....don't call me during dinner tonight. I might not have swindlers stuffing cash in my pockets (yet), but I do have Veto Power at the dinner table. 

Here's your fork Reader, neither hanging nor pregnant...just ready for action.



Heath Willis said...

Your scouting report might be thin on the Vandals but how's your scouting report look on the Idaho State University Bengals whom the Dawgs play this weekend? (insert winking emoticon here)

I'll hang up and get a perm while listening...

Bernie said...

Oops. Forgot the curator of the Potato Skin Museum is a reader.

Bengals? Really? In Idaho?

Heath Willis said...

Idaho? No. You da ho.

Potato humor is always a winner.