Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Hello Good Bye Week

My Dawg gears are stuck. It's like my internal transmission can't find the D to help me move forward. Pretty common after a game that contained so much emotion.

Sure the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry has had moments of foul temperaments. The Game 'Tween the Hoses, Robert Baker's gonadular appetizer...third an Willie. But the 114th meeting was different. We've got bitter Dawg fans still upset at Nick Fairley. We've got toilet paper burning in Toomer's trees. And we've got AwwBarn fans desperately trying to figure out how to act now that they've finally purchased won their way back into the Georgia Dome.

What's worse is that both teams are being met with a bye this week, which means this hatchet ain't close to being removed from Aaron Murray's back. But we will move forward, I'm certain of it. If there's anything that can pull Georgia fans out of a Fairley funk it's the thought of engiNerds 'tween the hedges on Black Saturday.

And if there's anything that can pull Barners out of their overly defensive, toilet paper'd winning's an early visit to St. Nick's lap.

Today's Ingredients
  • Exile has his good, bad and ugly thoughts on the game.
  • Of the fisticuffs, Chizik took a position of shock and awe: That's not who we are. 
  • However, he is a coach willing to let his headhunters starters play while up 18 points with Georgia trying to run out the clock. Kudos to Coach Richt for taking the knee before another player was forced to sacrifice one.
  • Lucid Idiocy pretty much sums it all up when he proposes that the Auburn coach is either blind or a liar. However, I think the possibility of both is still in play.
  • Dr. StrangeDawg has taken the time to develop a list of things actually dirtier than Nick Fairley. No easy task I'm sure.
  • On Fairley and the game's overall ugliness, AU and UGA fans are diametrically opposed. However, much of the unbiased media and blogosphere are just as disgusted as Dawg fans over his actions. The Wiz of Odds I think spells it out the best.
  • Big Muddy takes Gary Danielson on the carpet with a big thank you.
  • Meanwhile, Kit does the same for the WarTiglemenz.
  • Scott sees this as the end to what was once a friendly rivalry and expertly points out some vast differences between the fanbases.
  • Noops puts the blame for the loss at the foot of Coach Richt.
  • I still believe in Santa Claus, but I don't believe Martin Van Dawgin is him.
  • Wesizer has this week's practice/recruiting schedule from CMRs teleconference notes.
  • The Lady Dawgs opened their season yesterday. Danny has the update.
  • Lastly, tired of the media attention in the Cam Newton saga? Ready for some real breaking news involving the Goonies and the AwwBarn star's lost treasure? Tower of Bammer has ya covered.

I'm always happy for the team and especially the coaches when the bye week pays a visit. They need a little time off, a break from the grind. But personally, I usually hate to see it come. I'm an addict after all. Bye weeks are like methadone clinics with short supplies. The dealer's left town and the wife has her pen and paper out...

This year's a little different. I'm giving this bye week a great big hug and not letting go until some of this hurt has subsided. The trials of watching the season tilt on the brink of disaster game after game have taken its toil. The two cupcakes and blowout wins over the state of Tennessee have done little to ease the dull ache.

This week is a time to recharge the battery, lick the Fairley wounds and make a little fun of Coach PaJammies' squad of merry men. So, altogether now...deep breath... and exhale....

Nope, still can't find D. Maybe Cecil Newton can buy me a new car. Here's your napkin Reader. You got a little on your cheek, other side. There you go. Have a great Monday. And good luck avoiding the honey-do list this weekend!


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