Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Shivering on the Beach

I'd like to thank the student who let me borrow his seat Saturday. I was desperate to escape the reach of the voice of the girl behind me. For some reason she thought this year's special teams are far worse and wasn't afraid to share that opinion...out loud. I guess Jon Fabris has never directionally kicked her in the craphole.
Did anybody hear something?

But more than that, I was stuck in the cold shadow of a southern skybox and in desperate need of sunshine. Luckily, many students were still in Jacksonville evidently. Or at the library, I shouldn't sell them short. But suffice it to say there was plenty of aluminum to choose from over there so I grabbed a spot and thawed out.

Ironically, it was about the same time the offense thawed out...perhaps spurred along by Rambo's pick six. Or maybe from the sound of my voice from the other side of the stadium. That is, if my voice could be heard above the thousands of conversations going on around me. I guess I had forgotten (after all these decades) what it's like to sit among the students, especially for a game against a team we didn't know existed until last Monday...or Wednesday. Whenever.

Come to think of it, it's kind of like sitting on the beach. The ocean's the main attraction, but not everyone is paying attention to it. It enters into their frame of reference when something big happens, like AJ Green casting aside defenders like a wave does an empty beach chair. And then it's back I told her I wasn't going with him anyway. Like whatever!

Don't read me wrong, I'm not upset about it. Not in the least. In some ways, that was know, way back then. I only ask that I not be afforded the same opportunity to switch seats on November 27th. The ocean needs our full attention from here on out.

Today's Ingredients
  • Murray Poole rewinds the win over the Bengals.
  • I mentioned yesterday that one of my favorite parts of Saturday's game was the celebration over Figgins' TD. Well, Big Muddy has video of the TDs that were separated by three long years.
  • True freshman Alec Ogletree isn't exactly cemented back there yet, but it sounds like the starting job opposite Rambo is his to lose
  • Vineyarddawg has his weekly You're on notice, dawg!.
  • Over at Bubba 'n Earl, AU Maverick isn't looking past Georgia in the least.
  • Dr. Strangedawg wonders if there's more to the grass eating story than just a pinch between cheek and gum.
  • Exile believes Mr. Hyde made an appearance in Nashville this weekend.
  • Kim wonders what JoePa said at halftime to rally his Nittany Lions Saturday.
  • Zach Mettenberger is down to two schools - LSU and Texas A&M, Jamie Newberg reports.
  • Herschel Walker couldn't make it to Athens this weekend...because he's training for his second MMA bout, against Scott Carson on December 4th.
  • Speaking of MMA, if you've followed Kyle Maynard's fight to enter the ring, you'll get to see fellow Collins Hill grad Takashi Dosher's documentary of him tonight on ESPN2.
  • While we drawing on inspiration, here's a story by Dink NeSmith about a UGA marjorette surviving a horrible crash a couple weeks ago.
  • Personally, the fact that I actually have a studio is nearly mystery enough.
  • And lastly, he ain't heavy. He's just my brother. And if you're ever in the market for a portrait, you could do a lot worse than his artistic hand.

Allow me a little space here to settle an argument. My friends, bless their hearts, can be misguided and at times even deluded. Our last Supper Club was one such occasion.

It was a chili cook off and the stakes were low, but the trash talk was reminiscent of a Coach PaJammies' instructed chop block. (I can type that because the Mirandas were on a bye week.) 

Cord inexplicably used ShaNeQua's drive thru special at Wendy's, so it was really down to my superior product, Chili Willi(s) and Nama's Last Minute Pot Squat. With only eight eligible voters, I'm not sure how the poll results got so out of hand. But clearly my Big Bad Boss half-pot was the runaway winner.

Yet for some reason my dominance was still called into question. As if a pot of chili inspired by both UGAs mascot and one of it's greatest players of all time could possibly be defeated by something that cost 99 pennies at a local drive thru window.

Luckily, now the kind folks at Bulldawg Illustrated have verified those results, as you can see here in their Dawgs to the End issue. So if you're keeping count at home, that's one wine tasting victory, a beer tasting triumph and a chili cook-off for the clean sweep.

Enjoy your Monday Reader. Don't let my victory dance get in your way.


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