Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nerdabulary 101

What? The entire state, or just us
cuz we run it?
We might get into some more advanced nerdisms next week when Clean Old-Fashioned Hate Week really revs up. But for now, let's cover the basics of some North Avenue lingo that may come in handy.
  • Joke by the Coke -(n) casual reference to the nerds' location when they pursue advance degrees in Ignoring Basic Personal Hygiene, Level 46 Wizardry and How to Dance to Kernkraft 400. Usage - Oh, are you a rent-a-cheerleader for the Duke game? Yes, just go to the Joke by the Coke, turn right and look for the guys wearing robes and carrying swords.
  • Ball'd - or more formally, Reggie Ball'd (v) to make an inexplicable mistake in an ordinarily routine task. Usage - Damn, I really reggie ball'd that expense report. What comes after three again?
  • Braine Power - (n) the use of one's faculties that seemingly causes inordinately more harm than good. Usage - Gan Chailey tried to use his braine power to cash his check at the bank, but really ball'd it up.
  • Historic Mark Richt Field - (n) "athletic" field on the trade school's campus that sells out once every other year. Usage - Dude, we're going to Historic Mark Richt Field! It's a WHITE OUT!!!!1
  • King/Ealey Connector - (n) a stretch of turf off of North Avenue in downtown Alanner 339 yards long that connects Dawgs with yet another victory at Historic Mark Richt Field. Usage - I'm still amazed at how the King/Ealey Connector was so well paved. (h/t Ollllddude)
That's a decent start. Please feel free to add your own entries below.


Anonymous said...

DragonCom - (n) like Mardis Gras for nerds; sentence - I might skip physics class when DragonCom comes to town.

5thYearSoph said...

Show em Your Johnson - (euphemism) meaning blame the players for the team sucking in a mediocre conference.

Anonymous said...

Bigger Fish to Fry - an excuse used out of resignation when it finally dawns on a person that they are inferior and there's really nothing they can do about it. Usage - The French Army would have held the blitzkrieging Germans at the Maginot Line, but they had bigger fish to fry.