Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Passing on the Run

Our offense is like one of those romantic comedies I get roped into every once in a while: predictable and doesn't make me happy/hopeful/smiling on a consistent basis.

Towards the end of the 1st quarter Saturday we were averaging 7 yards a carry to Florida's less than a half yard a carry. Ealey had started out pretty tentative, perhaps bothered by a stiff knee that had yet to loosen. King was feeling it however. He had a couple big runs already as well as a beautiful spin move in the backfield to avoid being stoned on a corner blitz.

Now to be fair, Aaron Murray would eventually go on to pass for more than 300 yards and overall the offense would score 31 points against one of the better defenses we'll see this season. But it was at that point that I wish we had committed to the run game...with one back. I keep reading (from fans...on message boreds...my name is Bernie and I have a problem) that neither Ealey nor King are the type of back that can dominate at this level. The saddest part to me is that our offensive brain trust will never let us know that for sure.

Behind a determined line, I personally think either back can move chains, score touchdowns and finish the season All-SEC. I think both Ealey and King can carry the ball more than twice the load of what they are being asked to at this point. And I think we can be the run first ask questions later type offense that generates yards as easily as I can chew gum.

But here's where that all gets lost:
  • Coach Richt prefers the platoon situation in the backfield. He recruits for it because this is where he came from down in Tallahassee.
  • The playcalling gets at best moderately predictable based on who is lining up behind Murray. We still hold the edge in the passing game due to all the weapons, but become disastrously easy to read as far as the running game.
  • The offensive line is a schizophrenic that has gone from no meds in September to still getting the dosage right in early November.
I'll get to the defense later, but for now...let's get real. We're 4-5, three to play. Name Ealey or King the starting damn tailback of the University of Georgia and let said starter run, block and catch 75% of the snaps.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

It worked for Richt at FSU for sure. Has the game changed and defenses are just more punishing? Auburn has had some great platoon situations with their RBs as has Arkansas. I remember Dooley running Henderson and Worley. I just don't know if either of our backs are durable enough to get 25 carries a game throughout the SEC schedule. It's nice to have a capable back have enough carries so as to pick up any slack and maintain the running game. Those solid NFL backs (Moreno) only come by ever so often. I think Alabama gets the pick of the litter out of Georgia this year.