Friday, November 26, 2010

Stopping the Nerds from a Revenge Sequel

Heading back to our great state after more than my fill of turkey and a great visit with the in-laws. Thought I'd try a mobile post from Eisenhower's Interstate system before I'm stuck unpacking and detoxing the kids after a week of grandparental attention.

- Bobo should be able to put up plenty of points. He did so last year without AJ Green or Aaron Murray.
- The only way we don't exceed last year's 30 is if the guys in silver britches don't protect the football.
- Let's face it, tomorrow is Al Groh's living nightmare.

Teams Especial
- Kickoff teams have been good, but need to bounce back after the showing on the plains.
- Boykin allowing Murray to take over on the twenty when he catches it in his own endzone would be a start.
- basically, hold serve on field position and let the offense do their thing. Anything north of that is just gravy for Thursday's leftovers.

- I'd be shocked if Grantham and Belin don't have their guys in position to make plays. We just have to tackle, then tackle better and then tackle some more.
- For an in depth and great breakdown (at the Senator's suggestion) I perused DrB's game film analysis of Clemson's game against Tech. PaJammies's dance begins and ends with the dive play. Stop that and the pitch, misdirection and perimeter becomes easier to defend.
- and more than any other team, this is a team to put into 3rd and longs. So tackle...well.
- If Lakatos doesn't have an easy day tomorrow, next week's gonna be hell.

See y'all in AthensTown!

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