Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts on the near Meltdown

First off... for those few tech fans within a twenty foot radius..."what's the good word?"...

Still not sure we deserved that win. But here's some (very) early thoughts as I'm being driven home.

- when we fumbled that 4th and 1 snap...I'll be honest. I thought we'd lost. I didn't expect our defense to stand up like that. Well done.
- offensive play calling got way too conservative in the second half. Maybe for the entire game, I'd have to see the replay.
- we didn't stop the dive play nearly as well as I thought we would.
- freaking turnovers. Dear God! And it started with the first freaking play.
- Overall, I think I'm disappointed in both Grantham and Bobo. This game should not have been this close.
- keep hearing rumors of staff changes, mostly Coach Van. First of all, I hope his health is well. Second of all, I hope we get much, much stronger in the trenches.
- most of all, I want us to start wanting it more than other teams. When our band wants it more than the other band...and when our tailgaters want it more than other fans...but the opposing team wants it more, something is wrong.
- I hope Coach Richt can change that. If not, I hope McGarity can institute it sooner, rather than later.

I realize this is probably too negative for a post-win post. But that's how I feel right now. Thank you seniors. Thank you Dawgs, for another win over the engiNerds. Overall, it's another day that's great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

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UPDATE: Some clarification, namely on the assistant coaching points. 
  • First Grantham, he may be working with guys recruited for a different scheme but he had an extra week to prepare. I'm thrilled we've made so much progress in creating and covering up turnovers. I just expected to see more development by this point. Now that we'reassured of having the extra practices maybe that will come...soon.
  • Second...Bobo. The offense essentially only scored 4 touchdowns (taking away the Houston fumble return and the Coach Johnson gift wrapped one) against a defense that has struggled mightily, but we were efficient in moving the ball. The play call on the first touchdown to Durham was brilliant and unlike earlier in the season we utilized multiple sets well. I just didn't see that creativity later in the game. But to be honest, I'm not sure where that blame lies. I just know Coach Richt needs to fix it.

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Anonymous said...

We pick at everything, it is easy to see why recruiting is a hard sell to young men with all the trash talk. We have enough trouble with the AJC trash.

Gov Milledge said...

I thought our D did well 1st half. Tech punting on 4th and short after having gone for it before and turning over on downs was a sign of respect.

Our D was too gassed at the end of the game, and the level of depth (or lack thereof) showed. I don't fault anyone for going conservative offensively 2nd half to try and give our guys a breather. Look at TOP/# of plays

AthensHomerDawg said...

Ole Lady Luck smiled on us again. About time! My son said a couple of Tech band members apparently lost, wandered into the UGa student section..... and were booed loudly by the entire section. LOL!