Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Terence Moore's Old Drawer

Bradley and Schultz are always prying at it. Hell, there was a time I was sure Bisher had simply started using it as an impromptu toilet stall. But this morning Barnhart got medieval on it, it flew open and now stoopid has gone worse than viral at the paper that once covered Dixie like the dew.

I'm not going into what I thought was a dead horse. I've steered away from it all week here in my little corner of the Dawgosphere. And I'm certainly not going to link to any of the journalism going on over there for fear my one reader may start showing up at Butts-Mehre and demanding Quincy Carter's jersey be retired.

Let's just go about our business here and pray some intern over there has enough shoulder to get that thing shut before Grizzard's Ghost puts them all on the last bus to Albuquerque.

Come to think of it....

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone have to be reminded that Tony Barnhart's radio program is on the Tech flagship station?