Monday, November 29, 2010

'Tis the Season

Sorry, no meatloaf today. More than a little under the weather. Getting old is great, but sometimes the fringe benefits bite.

December's not just a month for the hustle and the bustle of Holiday shopping, Christmas lights and parties. It's also time for coaching rumors and bowls. 2010 is no different.

I've said all along Mark Richt will be our coach in 2011, hopefully well beyond. And although I didn't expect his name to be linked to two job openings, the Colorado and Miami firings have only helped solidify the fact that he's our coach.

I think most people fall into two categories here. Those like me who take him at his word:

Questions about Richt’s own job security swirled earlier this season, but for the second time this month his name was linked Sunday in reports for another head coaching opening – this at his alma mater, Miami, where he played quarterback.
Richt, who also was connected in a report to the Colorado job, said Miami had not approached him about the position.
"I’ve got the same answer for that as I had for the other one," Richt said Sunday evening. "Georgia’s my home and it’s where I want to finish my career."
...and those who need the bottomline:
Richt makes approximately $2.8 annually on a contract that has three years remaining. Shannon was making approximately $1.5 million a year, according to the Post. 
And Miami's no closer to the hefty buyout it would take to get everyone at the table than Colorado is. But that's really a moot point since CMR is obviously not interested in any other job. Just remember back to when he first arrived. He could've taken a couple different jobs back when he was the OC for a dominant FSU program. He waited...and waited...for the right one to come. And when Dooley offered him an office in Butts-Mehre, he didn't just jump at the chance. In fact, he almost let it slip by before waking Dooley up in the middle of the night. My point is the man is cautious, careful. He wants to be in Athens for a myriad of personal and professional reasons, not the least of which is to win.

As for bowlin', the Dawgs look to be locks for Memphis in the Liberty Bowl. They'll play the CUSA Champ, and are assured of seeing a familiar face along the opposing sideline: either June Jones' SMU Mustangs or George O'Leary's CFU Black Knights. Here's the official Liberty Bowl site. Looks like the O'Jays are performing at halftime.

I've heard a lot of talk about just not wanting to go to a bowl. Either they're embarrassed that it's not a sexy destination or they still haven't come to grips with the fact that this season has been well under expectations. I might still have a foot in the latter of those two categories, but I'm more than happy to accept a bowl bid for any of these reasons: that makes 14 consecutive (currently 4th in the nation), extra reps and practice especially for a defense that needs it and it gives the players a trip that they deserve.

And if none of those are good enough for you, it also gives Aaron Murray a chance to surpass 3000 yards passing on the season as well as Matt Stafford's single season TD pass record of 25.  I think we can all agree the kid has earned that chance.


AthensHomerDawg said...

You aren't considered old until after your kids start college. Also, during any family sporting events if you find yourself picked as "Coach". (Sigh) I've seen your posted family have a ways to go sir. Thought you might look these over. I saw this earlier on another post. I would love to see the Hillbillies play the Nerds. ;-)

Gator 1/1 Jacksonville SEC #6 vs. Big Ten #4/5 Florida Illinois
Music City 12/30 Nashville SEC #7 vs. ACC #6 Tennessee Georgia Tech
Liberty 12/30 Memphis SEC #8/9 vs. C-USA #1 Kentucky UCF
BBVA Compass 1/8 Birmingham SEC #8/9 vs. Big East #5 Georgia USF

Bernie said...

Thanks man. I guess I do have a ways to go, but everyday feels like I take two steps instead of one.

As for bowl destinations, I was going by Low's projections and Weiszer's piece. I guess nothing's official until Sunday. But I bet something gets leaked before then.