Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trivial Update - Is this thing on?

If you follow me on the Twittah or just have simply enjoyed the trivial updates over the last year and a half, this post is for you. I feel the need to address some rumors going around.

First of all, we have NOT been suspended by the FCC. It is true they were in our offices, but it was just a routine audit. So nothing to see here. Please move along.

And no, I wasn't offered more money by Bobby Lowder. We're simply on a little hiatus. Life gets in the way sometimes and work and parenthood have kicked it up a notch here lately. The questions have been pretty easy to gather and confine into a tweet. But let's face it, it hasn't done the Dawgs much good this season.

So, we'll probably just suspend things until after the season. Of course that could come as early as November 28th the way things stand. But we'll see.

At any rate I thought I would end this post with a few highlights over the course of the first 64 episodes. There've been ups. There've been downs. But in the end, it's all just been trivial.
  • First and foremost, Shan currently holds a 5 tweet winning streak. To date,that's unequaled.
  • Most wins, Ally. There was a time when I thought she might be stalking the show.
  • Only winner of an actual prize, Scott. He got an ACTUAL t-shirt in lieu of a fabulous prize for knowing MSUs Jameon Lewis (like Georgia's own Josh Davis) was from Tylertown MS. Scott didn't invent Google, he just pwns it!!!1
  • Most difficult question, episode 5. John had to tweet in what Clint Boling's favorite dessert is, Mama's Apple Pie. I've never posted a question that had an answer so deeply buried in the Dawgosphere. John can work a cyber shovel y'all.
Thanks for the support, everyone. Episode 66 will be landing on your Tweetdeck before you know it. Let's just hope it doesn't leave any droppings.

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