Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Which comes first? Development or the stunted growth?

I understand Grantham is glad we're not going to see Tech again for another year. Believe me I do. Over 400 yards rushing worth. But this quote by the Georgia DC...
"I’m glad we can go back and now play against a normal offense, just because you don’t ever see that offense," Grantham said. "It really kind of stunts your development in the 3-4 because you really have to change how you play everything. By going to a bowl game, it’s going to give us extra practice to get back to doing the things that we’re going to see for the next 11, 12, 13 games next year. I’m excited about that."
 ...begs the question of how much development there's been. Personally, I think we're still stunted in the transition. And although all of that's not Grantham's doing (we desperately need that monster DT position locked down), he had two weeks to prepare for a team he knew was going to run up the middle, misdirect and pitch it out wide.

In my post Sunday MT pointed out that the defense did better in the first half and may have been gassed later in the game after playing so many downs (92 total plays, and not a lot of subbing especially after Dobbs went down). And that may explain the second time we gave up a 14 point lead. 

After looking at the game a second time, we were tackling well, creating turnovers and showing enthusiasm...at least until they almost tied it at 35. At some point the development rests on one man's shoulders...the developer...Coach Todd GrAnThAm.

Let's do it!

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