Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aaron Murray's tape measure

From question mark to record breaker, Aaron Murray has transformed before our eyes. In fact, he really didn't waste much time shedding the question mark tag. With two TD passes tomorrow he can surpass Stafford's season mark and with just 1 TD (by land or by air) he can take Shockley's TD mark set back in 2005.

And he continues to impress in front of the cued mics as eagerly as he does on the field. Case in point:
“I’ve never been into individual numbers or records,” Murray said. “The thing that will stick with me about this season is that we didn’t win enough games. I came here to win championships. That’s how you’re measured.” 
You can say what you want about this team and its record in 2010. You can feel good or not about the fact that Coach Richt is the coach. But you gotta love the fact that our QB isn't interested in measuring himself with rulers or yardsticks.

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