Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Academic Casualties, plus Jarvis Jones impresses

First the bad...

It sounds like we are going to have one definite (and maybe a second) academic casualty going into the bowl game. Most rumors point to Caleb King. Nothing definitive as of this moment. Stay tuned.

Next, rave reviewscontinue to pour in for USC transfer Jarvis Jones. This time it comes from the GAs.
“The thing that makes Jarvis so good is he’s such a good person,” he said. “He’s such a good kid. He’s unbelievable and he’s great for our team. We’re truly blessed to have him on our team because of what he brings not only on the field because of how talented he is, but what he brings to that locker room is amazing. You see all these rankings and stuff, five star this, four star this and what the rankings don’t measure if how that kid is in the locker room and that kid is a five-star in the locker room and that’s what we need. He’s going to be special for us.”

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Streit said...

I know rumors tend to have merit, but until this is confirmed about Caleb, I'm not jumping to conclusions. It would not suprise me at all since Caleb has always struggled academically (even when he was a classmate and teammate of my step brother at Parkview). A couple of message boards have been quick to jump on Caleb's back, give the kid a break. Even if he is ineligible for the bowl game, he can get his grades up and come back by summer practice.

Bernie said...

Caleb's a nice young man. A lot of people jump on him quickly because they are ashamed of themselves for putting him up on such a high pedestal before even arrived in Athens. Whether they want to admit it or not.

I read this morning that he was practicing as 4th string behind the others. If this is all true, I hope he comes back and has a great senior season. Because again, whether many want to admit it or not, he's our best all around tailback.

AthensHomerDawg said...

...and Chapas is gone. DGD- we will miss his blocking and his leadership!