Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Coach T Endorsement

Yesterday I told you I wasn't sweating this S & C hire, so you probably figured I was done typing about it. So did I. But last night I realized I had missed another former player's endorsement of Joe Tereshinski. If you read Rex's applause, Ben Dukes mixes in some hopes and serious questions as the football program makes this transition.

This part is particularly on point:
I'm hoping Joe T can diagnose the problem and turn it around. I'm hoping his presence will be a solid motivational factor...because I think it's THERE where our team may have been lacking. Kids who are motivated don't skip reps. Kids who are motivated don't loaf. Kids who are motivated finish every drill, they finish every play, they finish every game. This is what we're looking for out of Georgia in 2011. 
Since I've gone on record and admitted what knowledge I have of a D-1 strength and conditioning program is just slightly more than what I know about air traffic controllers keeping everyday from being the Fourth of July, I put a lot of weight in what former players are saying and tweeting. I've never believed we were decades behind the Bamas and the Floridas. But the rumors of lacking accountability coupled with visual evidence of this last season in particular have brought this festering to the top. 

They have great facilities, as do we. They recruit superior athletes, as do we. What's been missing has been what Dukes describes passionately as an unwillingness to accept anything but greatness. And that motivation comes from the one coach who can truly influence these guys for the entire calendar year.

And from what I'm hearing, Coach T has enough GATAttitude to spread all 365...and then some. As Dukes says, it's either what you're doing or how you're doing it. Somewhere along the line Coach T convinced the head guy he could get better results.

I'm ready for them.

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