Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are Bradley and Johnson back from their Honeymoon yet?

Just a random thought, based mostly on my contempt for the AJC and partially on that lustful essay by Bradley for Coach Pajammies after the season finale. I just simply got to wondering, what's the best wedding gift for the two of them once they return from their Vermont civil union?
  • Nerd Snuggies. Yeh, probably too obvious. Besides, they probably already have a set.
  • How about matching His and His joysticks? Simple, useful and practical.
  • Matching Smart cars...?? Really too expensive for a couple douchebags.
  • Maybe a gift isn't the way to go. Perhaps something service related. Like offering to proofread their co-authored worst-seller, How to Lose a Game Without Getting Outcoached!!!!1
  • Or maybe just some tickets to an actual D-1 football game, such as Georgia...or Georgia State.
  • Paulie....Oprah's on..


Anonymous said...

"How about matching His and His joysticks?"


Ollllddude said...

That picture hurt my eyes.