Saturday, December 11, 2010

BIG Recruiting Weekend

If Coach Richt wants to assemble a 2011 Georgia dream team in recruiting, this weekend is the beginning of the REM cycle. Eighteen recruits total are expected over the weekend, which is highlighted by the annual Gala tonight. Some of the top uncommitted in the state are in Athens:
  • Zzavier Dickson - superb athlete that is versatile enough for either DE or OLB
  • Ray Drew - DE, also a great athlete that eats up quarterbacks and makes plays all over the field
  • Damian Swann - future playmaker at DB, SEC speed
  • Jay Rome - all around talent at TE; great size and speed; ranked #1 at his position
  • Malcolm Mitchell - fluid, exceptional speed; should play early at DB
Throw in the likes of Quan Bray and Jeoffrey Pagan from outside of Georgia as well as a host of committed players and it is quite the parade of all-stars in Athens. Let's hope guys like LeMay, Marshall and Herrera have a chance to bend a few ears ($$).

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there is not another time to do this "recruiting gala", but who for UGA is minding the "recruiting gala" at the GA Dome this weekend? Their was some talent on the field last night - particularly in the 4A game - whose names I have not seen among those GA is after. Further, it seems to me that it should be important to the UGA staff that you know how to lead your team to a championship.