Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cammy Sham Shame: Heisman Trophy Edition

So some writers left Cameron Newton off their Heisman ballot. The Orlando Sun Sentinel's Mike Bianchi was evidently the loudest.
If Newton wins the Heisman, the trophy should be recast in honor of Cam’s dad. The guy on top of trophy shouldn’t have his arm out; he should have his hand out.

But the college game's best player is from Auburn this year. And he was cleared by his own university, then by the game's governing body. One day when...if...when Cam's name is finally sullied by his own actions, that will be the time to potentially deny him what he has earned.

Ok, I understand the feeling of disdain. Most...not all, but most college football fans hate seeing the sport corrupted. And I no more believe Cam was outside of his dad's greed loop than I do Catherine Zeta-Jones is one day going to return my phone calls.

And I don't get the Integrity Card being played so much, based on the laptop and alleged academic improprieties at Florida. Has every Heisman winner been held to such scrutiny? Just in the last couple decades we have at least one admitted self-medicator and a host of winners from Coral Gables who were there about the same time as the focus of the recent 30 for 30 documentary "The U".

I heard Buck Belue lamenting his own ballot Monday to open up his radio show. He hinted at some serious stuff to come out in the future while citing his relationship with John Bond, a key figure in all this MSU mess that seems to have started the investigation. Belue gave no specifics (and I don't know what was said later in the show), but whatever it is isn't relevant in early December 2010.

If it comes to light next month, next year or when Cam sits down with Barbara Walters decades from be it. I don't have a Heisman ballot, which should certainly come as no shock. But if I did Auburn's Cameron Newton would be at its top. I wouldn't feel any shame in that. It's what the NCAA has set in motion, I would just be a cog in its distorted wheel.

The real shame would be that whoever finishes second Saturday, truly will never had the taste of being first.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

"The real shame would be that whoever finishes second Saturday, truly will never had the taste of being first."

Well put!