Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas comes early for Florida...and Texas

Will Muschamp is the new corch in waiting at Gayturdsville U. Jeremy Foley easily has a top five program in college football, yet decided to pull a page out of Mike Hamilton's AD play book and hire someone to spite UGA. It may take me some time to decide which is more awkward for me as a Georgia fan, a Dooley on a Tennessee sideline or a former Dawg letterman in the swamp.

"Now you wait right here son, 'til I'm done..."
In all seriousness, it would seem to me that there were a few people at least that didn't want to try and fill Corch's shoes. I can't blame them really. Muschamp may be the only guy that was offered the job, but there's no way he was at the top of list A.

Some sidenotes rattling around in my brain:
  • I'll reserve judgment until we see his staff. He's young and has a good resume. But Muschamp left the Texas sideline in a state of disrepair. If he can pull some SEC and NFL ties, this hire will feel a lot less like a reach.
  • However, Dan Mullen had to be the top choice. How deep is he in this Cam mess? Or did he just not want to follow in his former head coach's footsteps?
  • Was Muschamp actively looking to get out of Austin? Or did he make a pitch to stay and get promoted to Head Coach? (Things are upside down right now at UT)
  • Lots of Dawg fans upset at Muschamp. But I can't blame a guy for wanting a head gig; Will is obviously desperate to knock the lid off his coaching potential. If I recall correctly, Muschamp never beat Florida...and now FU fans have to accept him as their own. Would you ever want Reggie Ball as Aaron Murray's QB coach?
  • That being said, he's dead to me. *spits on laptop*
  • Also a lot of people made mention of Florida announcing during the Heisman ceremony. What about the murmurs that had to be going on at the Gala in Athens last night.
Thanks Foley.


JenniferfromLaJolla said...

Here's something else to consider--Urban Meyer is going to continue working in Florida's athletic department. How much you want to bet Muschamp was one of the few who would accept (maybe even embrace) that condition? I have a feeling Meyer is going to play the role of puppet master.

The other thing that makes me feel a bit better ('cause the thought of Urban micromanaging Will does indeed make me feel better) is that rarely does it work when former players "come home" to coach. And honestly, UGA probably needs to do less of that anyway.

If Kirby Smart goes to Florida as Muschamp's DC--he will definitely be dead to me. And Muschamp can join him in the grave.

Georgia needs to focus on Georgia. We need to beat Florida, and Tennessee, regardless of who is at the helm. Will just be a bit sweeter doing it with Muschamp and Dooley standing on the opposing sideline.

Bernie said...

Yeh, I read that too. It's just a weird turn of events down there in the swamp. I'm not sure what to think, except that I wish them all the worst.