Thursday, December 9, 2010

Foley...gone corching

By 3pm yesterday conspiracy theorists had Slurban whistling John Denver melodies and Dan Mullen digging the SPF 50 out from the old suitcase. All that aside, I think Year2 has the most complete list of candidates and non-candidates. Our friend Exile has a short list as well and did a lot of impressive background checking ('s actually jimmycrackedcorndawg's list). And Kit looks at the pros and cons of Meyer suddenly realizing he has a family.

I paid em all! All of em!
And since everyone is compiling lists, I thought I'd add my own...with a twist. As a Dawg fan, here are the guys I would most want to see corching the scripted helmets (in no particular order):
  • Lou Holtz, ESPN - just so he'll stop spitting all over my TV screen.
  • A Meyer Daughter, NATS or Fort Meyers - what better way for a girl to get back at an absentee father than to take his old gig. Then they can give him a taste of his own cold shoulder.
  • Dave Wannstache, some bar - pretty sure he could bring Ditka with him...SEC Media Days just went off the charts!
  • June Jones, SMU - he can bring back at least 90% of his Hawaii wardrobe (sans the grass skirts in favor of jorts).
  • Charley Pell's Ghost, purgatory - old $chool, reptile $tyle!
  • Chan Gailey, Braine's Basement Buffalo - all the cold blood as an FU alum, without the sharp teeth of an actual coach.
  • Jeremy Fowler, Orlando Sentinel - Corch dressed him down, now it's the beat guy's turn to give the beatdown.
Your welcome Foley. And if none of those are available, I hear Joe Paterno is still in the game. You can even scout him New Year's Day for free.

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me that June Jones is already a jorts kinda guy.....sandals and socks too.