Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Jenkins is ready NOW!

If Isaiah Crowell is vital to the 2011 Dawg class because of his playbreaking ability and the fact that he is in state, John Jenkins is just as important for the other side of the ball. Grantham's defense had it's issues in its first season...and not all of them were named the wheel route.

Justin Anderson sat out the season after toe surgery. Deangelo Tyson and Kwame Geathers just never commanded enough attention up front. Tyson's a little undersized for the position and Geathers either had trouble gaining the trust of his coaches or wasn't conditioned well enough for the bulk of the snaps. Maybe both.

But Jenkins can start against Boise State Saturday September 3rd if he so chooses. He eats space, commands the offensive line's attention and then laughs as they try to block him. He's spent the last two seasons at Mississippi Gulf Coast eating biscuits and getting ready for D-1 football. And ladies and gentlemen, that day is here. 

Here...check him out.

Jenkins was a hard Oklahoma State commit, but has recently opened things up a bit. Now coaches are clamoring for a chat on Mama Jenkins' sofa, cuz that is the way Big John wants it. Basically, if you want my LOI, come talk to my family in Connecticut.

And that's just what Coach Richt and Coach Grantham will be doing this weekend. Garner's already visited a MGC practice, along with a host of other potential suitors. This has to end with Jenkins on campus in Athens. There are other nose guards in high school cafeterias who will be ready one day. But Big John is ready now.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Does Bean draw a medical redshirt?
Geathers is about the same size as the same place in his development...Will there be three players that hog the middle in 2011?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe this guy is the key to our recruiting efforts. If we lose out on him we're coming back with basically the same players next year minus Houston!

Bernie said...

@AthensHomerDawg You might be thinking of a medical hardship. Since Bean is a true Junior (if I remember correctly) he should be using his RS this season and be a RS Jr in 2011. My understanding is that a medical hardship only comes into play if a school is petitioning for another year of eligibility. And hopefully we have at least one hoss with a couple backups that push for more snaps.

@Anon Truth. I think Crowell is our biggest recruit. But this guy is as important to our 2011 success as anyone not named Aaron Murray.