Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keep your hands off my stack

...heartfelt Buckeye apologies.. *sniff, sniff*

Being on vacation this week has allowed me to watch some daytime between naps. Yesterday I caught some press coverage of a couple Buckeyes speaking from their heart. Which I can only presume is located on their biceps with the words Overrated Sweater Vest.

Don't look at my pointed's
the other one. You see it?
The first time I saw this production (which you can subject yourself to by clicking here) I quickly turned the channel, disgusted by the display. The second time though I found myself laughing. Hysterically. I mean, sure these guys are sorry. They're going to have to sit in a corner the entire off season and stew over this mess. 

And I mean it!

Then, last night it was Mark May's turn to entertain me. Thoroughly enjoyed watching him implore Tressel to suspend these OSU players for the bowl game in spite of the NCAA. As if this hadn't all already been decided. He was especially concerned that they would navigate their way around any punishment at all by leaving Columbus for a second day selection in April.

You're cute Mark, the way you beat that desk in Bristol with your fist to make a point. But you're daft man. Your microphone is no match for the money of college football. But perhaps you can't see that due to your partner's spittle dripping from those designer glasses.

The bottomline is that these kids aren't sorry for what they did. They're sorry they have to pretend to be when all they did is get a fraction of what they feel they are due. And if...IF...there's anyone at the NCAA or Big Ten brass who's embarrassed by how this has played out...that will quickly dissolve when Terrelle Pryor gets introduced down in New Orleans.

Like Pink Floyd warned us...

Money, it's a hit 

Don't give me that 

Do goody good bull$hit 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

BTW...what's more sad...that Mark May is trying so hard to be a voice of reason...or that I actually typed the words thoroughly enjoyed watching Mark May?

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Dawgfan17 said...

Have to go with that fact you typed thoroughly enjoyed Mark May. May God have mercy on your soul.