Friday, December 31, 2010

Liberty Bowl Preview

This shouldn't be close. In fact, let's just get this out of the way. The offense will score a lot of points. There's no real reason they shouldn't. Couple the fact that we have a good quarterback that makes dependable decisions and an all world receiver likely playing his final game in silver britches...with the fact that the offensive line, running game and offensive coordinator have heard nothing but criticism the last month...and I highly doubt Drew Butler gets too much work except as a holder.
I can has 3rd down stoppage!!

Would I love to see Ealey get about 30+ carries for around 150? Sure. Will he...I doubt it. Cuz that's more potential plays to AJ, Durham, Orson, Tavarres...White. We should just run the ball on 2nd and 4s or the occasional 4th and inches just across midfield.

So I think we put up points a plenty. Whether it becomes a shoot out or a blowout depends on the defense. And they could have just as big of a game. Assuming  Grantham does a better job with a month to prepare than he did with an extra week.

I watched the CUSA Championship game, just as I said I would. But I'll be honest that I didn't do it in one sitting. I took it in bits and pieces as I had time here and there. So my analysis may not be as sharp as it should. But you probably already know that they are a decent running team...but also one who hasn't seen the caliber of athletes that we have. In fact, their strength of schedule doesn't get any stronger than NC State or Kansas State.

I was a little surprised at the UCF stats as a team, since they've really been billed (from that I've read and heard) as a really good rushing team. Maybe they've had some injuries, but no one RB has stepped up for the entire season. Ronnie Weaver (#35) has the most yards on the season, but against SMU it was Latavius Murray who carried the load. And he runs fast downhill. Very fast.

George showed me his resumé. I wasn't impressed.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm more concerned with Murray (#28) than I am their dual threat QB, Jeff Godfrey (#13). Godfrey's not going to kill you through the air (assuming they don't run a plethora of wheel routes). We can contain him. I hope we can plug the holes in the line of scrimmage to force Murray and Weaver towards the sidelines.

If that happens consistently early, our offense should build enough of a lead to force the Black Knights to pass frequently. A one dimensional team from central Florida isn't one who is going to win their first bowl game.

Then UCF can go back to being best known for a playmate video shoot...and a coach with a tarnished resumé.

Go Dawgs!


AthensHomerDawg said...

Better keep your rule book close by. I think some of these refs could use one. Dawgs should roll.

Ollllddude said...

I thought that was pretty sound analysis when I read it. Oh well, shows what I know. :(

Bernie said...

I guess I didn't finish the drill either.