Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday's Festivus Meatloaf

Good morning from BDB Headquarters. Darren here, while Bernie's away the intern types away.

Given my background and own personal tradition, I'd personally like to wish everyone a very Happy Festivus! May your Feats of Strength be as overwhelming as the aroma of bourbon from Bernie's glass.

Today's Ingredients
- Danny runs down the Lady Dawgs close win against High Point.
- Quintin Banks has a new blog devoted to drawing.
- You can read Aron White's graduation speech by clicking here.
- Big Muddy welcomes home Marlon Brown by taking #15's recommendation in stride.
- the Senator is ready for some more Bobo debate.
- Groo warned us aboutthis last week. If the game's not soon worth the extra money, the cocktails will need an even heavier hand.
- And ecdawg provides some hope for those of us who love road trips.

Congrats to the following bowl maniacs for surviving the Airing of Grievances with the weekend bowl games: Jon, Tracey, Bryan, Smitty, Brett and Michael.

Now we'll see if you can survive Bernie's Feats of Strength in the #Festivus4theDawgNus. As for the rest of you, finish chewing then get to the remainder of your Christmas shopping. The lines ain't gettin' any shorter.

Happy Festivus!

Darren the Intern

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